How to Survive and Thrive as a New ESL/EFL Teacher

Are you a new ESL/EFL teacher working in your home country or abroad?  Do you still have questions about teaching English?  Do you often feel unprepared for the challenges in your new career?  

I know exactly how you feel!  Twenty years ago, I was in your shoes.  I had just graduated from a TESL program so I thought that I was ready for the classroom however I quickly discovered that I was unprepared for the complexity of language teaching.  I had so many questions but I was afraid to ask my more experienced colleagues!  I wasn’t sure how to continue to learn and grow as a new teacher.

Based on my own personal experience as a new teacher in 1995, as a TESL Trainer, and the experience of other new ESL/EFL teachers, completing a TESL program does not necessarily mean that we are all ready for the classroom.

I love to share my “wisdom” from 20 years in the TESL trenches as an Instructional Coach to help new teachers improve their skills and develop their confidence.  I have been able to connect with new English Language teachers all over the globe.

What is Instructional Coaching?

Instructional Coaching is a relatively new area for ESL/EFL teachers, and has been growing over the past few years.  Teaching is complex and complicated.  It is important to remember that good teachers develop over time.  Despite the complexity of teaching, the good news is that teaching skills can be developed.  Sometimes a few changes or new techniques can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Instructional Coaching

Your coaching sessions are geared specifically to your own needs and goals so the benefits are just for you.

Research suggests that ESL/EFL teachers who were coached reported that:

  • they enjoyed the fact that they can work with a coach without the feeling of being evaluated
  • they felt free to try new things and make mistakes in the classroom without fear of judgment

IInstructional Coaching sessions with me are specifically geared to your own needs and goals and set up via SKYPE at a time that is convenient for you. I currently work with new teachers all over the world so distance or time zones are not a barrier!

If you think that Instructional Coaching is for you, please email me at or visit my website at

I have always said that being an ESL teacher “is the best job in the world”. I am excited to help you in your journey to develop as an English language teacher so you can also feel that you have the “best job in the world” too.

Thanks for reading.  Patrice

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