Why you Should Teach your Students to Use a Super Hero Pose

As a teacher trainer, I have seen my fair share of nerves during practice teaching. Unfortunately a bad case of nerves can greatly affect not only one’s teaching performance but can affect one’s level of confidence entering a new profession.

If you have not watched Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk – Your Body Language Shapes Who you Are – I highly recommend that you do, and as Amy’s suggest at the end of her talk, share this information with others who could benefit.


Have you ever noticed a person’s body language if they are feeling sad or nervous? People tend to hunch over and make themselves small. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself. Conversely, when we feel happy and confident, we stand taller and open up our bodies. Cuddy’s research reveals that not only does our body language affect others’ perceptions of us, but it also affects our brains and feelings as well.

Cuddy suggests that we take on a “Super Hero pose” a “power pose” to boost our confidence. The idea is to hold this pose for 2 minutes. Our bodies can change our minds so by adjusting our bodies, we can increase our positive feelings. Taking on a posture of confidence can in fact change how we feel and perform.

The next time you are about to be evaluated during your teaching practicum, give a presentation, or attend an interview, try the “Super Hero” pose.

I would be interested in hearing back from anyone who has tried this, or used this technique with their students. I look forward to sharing this knowledge, and Cuddy’s TEDTalk with teacher trainees. I can’t think of any reason not be become our own “Super Hero”.

Thanks for reading.  Patrice

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